Softailed Guidelines

At Softailed, you are our first priority. That's why we openly disclose things like how we make money and adhere to editorial guidelines to ensure integrity. We do this so that you can enjoy our tools, advice, and recommendations with transparency and confidence.

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Our Vision

A world where everyone can make software decisions with confidence without having to rely on highly subjective resources.

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Our Mission

Provide transparency about different types of software backed with reliable data and results of standardized tests.

  • Editorial independence is a core value of ours. Our advice, recommendations, and product reviews are not influenced by business partners, either internal or external. It is also important to us that everyone knows how we earn our money in order to ensure maximum transparency.
  • We take care to properly understand our readers and their needs and to consider the diverse needs of different industries and business sizes. A key point in this context is the evaluation of industry data and business trends.

Core Principles

  • All readers have a right to honest, detailed, and accurate information.
  • Our content promotes economic justice and is designed to help all readers make the right software decisions.
  • Our sources are direct and proven to be reputable. We use experts who share the interest of consumers and can understand them firsthand.
  • Our reviews of software products are always objective as far as possible. Our editorial content compares software options and draws attention to good alternatives so that our readers are able to make informed decisions.

Editorial Independence

  • Our editorial team is solely responsible for creating all content, including our tools, articles, reviews, guides, and lists.
  • The viewpoints expressed in our reviews are based on thorough research, testing, evaluation, and comparison with similar software products. The information is factual and based on the actual features of the products.
  • Softailed's business partners and advertisers have no influence on our ratings or other editorial decisions.
  • Editorial team members never receive direct compensation from Softailed business partners or advertisers.
  • The performance evaluation and compensation of our editorial team are not influenced by positive or negative reviews, nor by business partners or advertisers.

Fact-checking and corrections

  • All editorial content is checked for accuracy, timeliness, and relevance. We strive to ensure that the information in each article is current at the time of publication.
  • All content goes through a thorough fact-checking process involving writers, editors, and proofreaders.
  • Our editors rely on original and trusted sources, including interviews and websites, government and corporate data, and documents, to ensure that our content is as clear and complete as possible.
  • If we make a factual error, we publish a correction where the error occurred. Readers can contact us at [email protected] to report errors or voice complaints.